A Phoenix sunset timelapse

The other evening we had this amazing sunset in Phoenix, a day before we’d actually get some monsoon storms roll into town. At the time, without us having any kind of rain or a sunset or even clouds in what feels like a month, the sight of these dazzling rays was like an omen for the start of storm season.

I was at home, not time to run out and try to capture the sunset in the way I would like, so I rushed around trying to setup the camera and tripod for a timelapse. I wasn’t as fast as I wanted, but I did manage to get the tail end of it and then I just left the camera on until after dark.

This was the result of 1300 images taken 5 seconds apart with my camera on “P” mode, a mode it’s never on unless it’s a timelapse *grin* This allows the camera to deal with the change in light, which you can’t do in manual mode. I know there are expensive tools out there to make this work better, but I don’t got the money for them.

What I do need is some better software so I can get rid of the flickering. But other than that, I’m kind of happy with this. I wish there had been more clouds at the end, but I do like seeing the stars come into view and the planes flying over the city.

My hope is to take timelapses all monsoon season long and piece them together into a big movie at the end. So this is kind of practice for me.

Hope you enjoy!

And below is the Instagram photo I took of the sunset.

  • http://www.cdeangelisphotography.com/ Chris DeAngelis

    Very cool Mike, I love how the city blossoms into light as the sun goes down. What software are you using currently? That instagram shot is sick!

  • http://www.jameshowephotography.com J Howe

    I do like watching the lights come on in the various buildings. Very cool indeed.

  • http://www.hansrico.com Hans

    That’s cool! I need to do some reading up on time-lapse photography. I may have to try that soon.

  • Colby

    These short time lapses are a real treat, great work Mike. How do you handle swapping out cards during a time lapse shot, or do you swap cards?

  • Mike

    @ Colby – I show high-quality JPG for these, not RAW, so my 8gb card did about 1400 images before it was full. I went out there to take the camera down and there was room for 66 images still, so I timed it well 🙂

  • http://www.chrisfrailey.com Chris Frailey

    Pretty cool Mike.

  • http://curtfleenor.com Curt Fleenor

    Very cool Mike!

  • http://www.stevebeal.com Steve Beal

    Such an awesome timelapse- that Instagram photo is pretty awesome too!

  • http://www.bmi-calculate.com Anne Reese

    What I absolutely love was when the golden yellow sun is setting, the buildings’ lights were turning golden yellow too!

  • http://www.doephotog.com A.Barlow

    That’s some awesome stuff man.

  • Capnschwartz

    Friggen cool

  • http://brianmatiash.com Brian Maitash

    I think this rocks, dude. i love that you are experimenting with this type of video.

  • http://www.benscamera.com/home/ Ben Tucker

    Beautiful! I should really have a go at one of these time lapse videos. Nice soundtrack too.


  • http://hdrexposedphotography.com Dave DiCello

    Mike, I mean come ON, what don’t you do well?!?!? This is incredible for sure

  • http://scottwyden.com Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Really enjoying your videos dude!

  • http://adventuresinpointingandshooting.wordpress.com Eden

    Nice 🙂