The electric man

Lightning Photo in Memphis

You know how you look at clouds and see shapes and animals and people and anything else that somehow pops into your head?

I almost never do that, and when it comes to lightning, this would be the first time. But in looking at this strike I shot in Memphis, I feel like I’m watching some giant man walking right to left, with a bunch of spindly arms stretching everywhere. If only I had captured him before he walked behind the tree!

The monsoon season has “officially” started here in Arizona and while it’s unbelievably hot already (115 this week), it’s also crazy dry and no storms are in the forecast until at least the middle of next week. And that’s just an outside chance.

I’m getting antsy though. It’s hot. It’s blue skies. It’s unbearable to be outside. I haven’t shot anything non-portrait since the 12th.

I’m begging you storms…get here. I need the clouds, the sunsets, the rain, the lightning, the contrast with the Four Peaks…gimme, gimme, gimme!

Have a great Friday everyone!

(exif: canon 5d mark ii, canon 85mm 1.8, f/5.0, iso 100, 25 sec)

  • Chris Nitz

    Wow, that really does look like a guy walking across the screen, that is crazy cool! I would do a rain dance for you, but I’m afraid it would only bring more rain to my neck of the woods. I shall cross my fingers for you, however, and hope you are blessed with some good storms in the not so distant future!

  • Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Good catch! It does look like a man. Creative indeed!

  • Jesse

    Rad. Awe inspiring power of mother nature.

  • Chris Frailey

    Sweet capture Mike. I’m with ya on getting the monsoon season started.

  • Curt Fleenor

    Hope you guys get some clouds soon and I’d send you some of our storms if I could!

  • Scott Ackerman

    The 85 ‘strikes’ again! Great capture bud. Really like all the fine detain in that bolt.

  • Steve Beal

    Dude! Awesomeness. I can’t wait, I have had close calls, but nothing yet. You’ll be the first to know when I get somethin 🙂

  • Adam Olson

    Wow! Great Capture!

  • Kristi Hines

    With your description, it kind of reminds me of Mickey Rourke’s character in the last Ironman movie when he had those electric tentacle things on him. Nice work!

  • Toad Hollow Photography

    Good God, sir. Seriously. Wow. That’s just crazy Mike, what a fabulous shot!

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Great capture! Can’t wait to see what you caputure during monsoon season!

  • larry

    seriously awesome shot, mike. i’m so looking forward to the season getting kicked in!!

  • Dave DiCello

    Dude. just INCREDIBLE work! I could look at these storms captures all day long!!

  • Jan Winther

    Wow.. amazing shot Mike.