Flowers, a bee and thirteen years

Flowers Bee Arizona Desert

I was up in Vistancia (far northwest Phoenix) on Friday late afternoon on a little commercial shoot and as we wandered around a desert trail, these flowers demanded some attention from my camera.

Last year was huge for wildflowers in Arizona…they were all over the place. On the sides of freeways, on the slopes of hills and mountains…everywhere. This year, not so much. But this little area by a pond was filled with them and it kind of reminded me of the stunning beauty of flowers in the desert.

There is a bee in there too if you can find him!

Don’t usually post blogs on the weekend, but today is my 13th wedding anniversary and I wanted to do just a little something for my wife. I wont go gushing or anything, but most of you married guys doing photography might feel the same as I do. I wouldn’t be doing this at ALL if it wasn’t for her and that’s the truth. She is the only person in the world I can count on to always support me and have my back. Her encouragement is the reason I am where I am.

Just wanted say thanks Jina for all you do. Happy Anniversary!

  • Jim Denham

    Happy Anniversary Mike! Great pic too!

  • Mark Blundell

    Happy Anniversary Mike – Hope that you both have a lovely day together and remember the good times that have passed and think of the good times that are ahead.

  • Jesse Pafundi

    Man, just love the tones in this image. A big congrats to you and Jina. I know exactly what you mean in regards to support. Its a beautiful thing. You have a good one there.

  • Dave DiCello

    Love the colors and light here man! And happy anniversary (a day late!)!!! Here’s to many, many more years!

  • jina

    Aw shoot! And I didn’t even read it until today! Oh well. You know, I love wildflowers… but bees, not so much. So good thing he’s hiding. I love you, Mike, and am so proud to be your wife.

  • Kristi Hines

    Found the bee – being allergic to them means I have a strong spidey sense when they are around, even in photos.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Jina! 🙂

  • Barbara Youngleson

    Lovely romantic look and feel to this refreshing image. Processing and shallow DOF are perfection. Happy, happy anniversary to you both!