Storms from the air

Oh I’m on vacation, need a nap, don’t want to be on the computer too much, but I took a couple of shots of some severe weather in the midwest as we twisted and turned in the air to avoid all of it.

No matter what I see on the ground…there is something so majestic about flying close to a towering thunderstorm. It’s hard to compete with that. If someone gave me the power to fly, I think that would be the first thing I’d do. Find me a storm and fly alongside it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • Curt Fleenor

    Love the shots Mike especially the first one!

  • Chris Nitz

    That first shot is crazy awesome with the lighting and big billowy clouds. Just spectacular stuff there!

  • Chris Wray

    Stunning tones and form! Love these, Mike!

  • Justin

    You too Mike! Enjoy your vacation.

  • Brian

    Those are both amazing. I captured my own clouds-from-airplane-window shot this week, but nothing as spectacular as yours.

  • Dave Wilson

    Most excellent! (with apologies for an unhelpful comment).

  • Kristi Hines

    Those are some awesome shots from a plane window! Hope those storms prove productive for you this weekend!

  • Lee Brown

    Crazy cool Mike!

  • David LaSpina

    Amazing shots! Wow!!

  • Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Man I love your stormy shots. You can be as cranky as you want, just keep sharing the amazing work 🙂

  • Mike

    Thanks so much everyone! I got lucky sitting on that side of the plane and having a slightly cleaner window 🙂

  • Ryan Sexton

    Great shots Mike, that first one is sick the way the suns rays are coming through.

  • Agustin Rafael Reyes

    wow those clouds are just awesome!!

  • Dave DiCello

    How did I miss these? They look awesome man, I love the choice to go B&W

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