Standing on a corner…

“…in Winslow, Arizona…such a strange sight to see…some photogs, Lord, looking really weird, and I think they’re staring at me…”

Yeah yeah…I’m no lyric writer, give me a break 🙂

If you follow this blog, you’ll remember a few weeks back that a few of us Phoenix photogs woke up butt-early in the morning to meet at 3:45am and drive to Two Guns, AZ for a little sunrise shooting at a ghost town.

I can’t even tell you how much fun we had and how great it was to hang with these guys all day. We spent a lot of time at Two Guns, then the little abandoned gas station and motorhome campground at the same spot…then we drove to Winslow and saw some cool stuff, took some shots and from there it was lunch in Flagstaff at Oreganos before our big haul to Grand Falls.

Epic day…awesome guys. Up top you have Rick Young on the left, Chris Frailey next, Ken Peterson after and me on the end.

Thanks so much guys for being a part of this big trip and making the day awesome. Also, our good buddy Scott Wood was supposed to be there too but had to work at the last minute, so we were highly bummed that he didn’t make it until later in the day.

So here are some other random shots from our trip.

Chris standing at a super-graffitied old swimming pool area.

Ken down inside the pool getting a unique perspective.

The next four images are our model poses in the Two Guns abandoned gas station. I took these (except for the one Chris took of me, thank you buddy) to just play around with the wide angle upwards kind of shot. I mean, how can you NOT want to pull in that opening in the roof and the gorgeous sky?

Another of Chris shooting graffiti.

Portrait shot of the day below of Rick…

Rick driving us back to Flag.

Ken shooting cows on the way to Grand Falls.

And…the epic shot of Ken perched on a tiny precipice getting a good look at the Falls.

  • Bob Lussier

    … Where’s the “girl, my lord, in a flatbed ford”?

  • Scott

    Fun shots!

  • Kristi Hines

    Great shots! Sometimes we get so immersed in the scenery, we forget to capture the people we’re sharing the time with. You guys did a great job – looks like it was a fun trip!

  • Chris Nitz

    I love the portraits you all took. Everyone looks so authoritative and serious! Also, is the very first shot your new band pose, just add in some instruments and you are good to go 🙂

  • Jesse

    Great shots all around. Really dig photogs taking pics of photogs taking pics.

  • Justin

    Classic! I’m never going to shoot with you guys, you are way too hip for me.

  • Chris Kenison

    Love the portraits. I need photog friends closer to me! Someone move to MT! 😛

  • Chris Frailey

    Wow those togs look badass. 🙂 Thanx Mike for posting these. That was such a fun trip. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Steve Beal

    That first shot cracks me up! Great series of shots, looks like you guys had an awesome time!

  • Matt Granz

    That gas station would be fantastic to light paint at night!!!!

  • A.Barlow

    Ha-ha! awesome. That looks like you had fun 🙂

  • Wayne Frost

    You guys must have had a blast. I can’t think of doing anything else that would top a photo road trip with buddies.

  • Scott Wood

    Thanks for the collection of shots Mike. I love them. I can even see my Tacoma in one of them. 🙂

  • Jim Denham

    Good stuff Mike! Great portraits!

  • Heath O’Fee

    Love this post. A great set of shots from what looked like a fantastic day of shooting and adventure!

    P.S. I’ve always been an Eagles fan…I can’t believe you butchered their song like that 😉

  • Mike Criswell

    Great post, nice series of Pics

  • Jim Nix

    Nice series here, great to capture folks in action, well done. Jim

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Looks like you guys had a blast! you definitely came away with some great shots. Love the shots from below with the sky overhead! Looks like a photoshoot for a band or something 🙂

  • Andy

    I like the photos in the car! Probably it’s the perspective and color that got me to it. As always, great shots.

  • Jan Winther

    Wow… cool locations, cool shooters. Great combo.