A short little time-lapse

(Watch it in 720p for the best viewing)

I’ve never done a time-lapse before and so of course I had to start from the beginning. I have a little control I bought recently that allows not only for manual exposures in Bulb M ode, but also has batteries to do interval, shutter speed and timed exposures. Ever since I got it I’ve been wanting to check out how to do a time-lapse with it and what it might look like.

This is the first attempt and I realize now it’s tough to do something like this when you are shooting right into the sun without a way to control the shutter speed externally so you don’t touch the camera. So hence the exposures get pretty dark at the end. I also learned some other things later, like using a ND filter to allow you to drag your shutter speed more and create more of a fluid movement.

Either way, it was fun to do, which was the reason I did it. I hope to learn how to do them quicker and with better results, especially during stormchasing this summer. I don’t expect to do a ton of them, but it might be fun to do at least a short 30-45 minute time-lapse every time I’m out there and then combine them at the end of the season.

  • http://www.chrisnitz.com Chris Nitz

    For a first attempt it is not to shabby, and I sure couldn’t do this well on my first try. I actually liked the darkness at the end and it made the day feel like it was coming to an end. Loved the cloud movement as well!

  • http://toomuchglass.net/ Mark Garbowski

    I’m with Chris. I didn’t read your text until I watched it first, and I liked the total darkness at the end.

  • http://www.stevebeal.com Steve Beal

    Dude! That’s awesome! I am a huge fan of timelapse…. I am in the video business so I have access to a lot of tools that make it easier – I shoot a lot of my timelapse in P mode and use this awesome plug-in for Adobe After Effects called Granite Bay Deflicker (http://www.granitebaysoftware.com/Products/ProductGBD.aspx) – it works really well and smooths out the video perfectly… If you left your camera in P after the sunset the shutter speeds would automatically slow all the way down and you’d be amazed at the results. Really nice first attempt!

  • Mike

    What is kind of cool at the end is how it gets dark, then suddenly a bit lighter when the sun reflects off those clouds.

    I just wish it had been a TAD lighter at that time because the sky was beautiful and there was a long airplane contrail that got colored orange too.

    Thanks guys 🙂

  • http://photostry.com/ Kristi Hines

    Nice work for your first time lapse – I always love watching these, especially with some nice mediation tunes in the background. Time lapses are pretty popular on Vimeo – there’s a lot of them that have details on how they created them.

  • http://www.obrienstudios.com Pat O’Brien

    This is something on my list to try out. How many seconds between each shot did you do?

  • Mike

    I was taking a shot every 15 seconds. So basically 4 a minute. I think I ended using 224 images, so I guess that was about 56 minutes worth of real time.

  • http://www.avestyles.com Alex Evjen

    Very cool! Next stop working on Planet Earth projects! =)

  • http://www.cdeangelisphotography.com/ Chris DeAngelis

    Dude, that is great! Really nice work for a first attempt! Looking forward to more soon!

  • http://lussierphoto.com Bob Lussier

    Nice. Love Time Lapse.

  • Capnschwartz

    Throw in a star destroyer when it fades to black and I’d pay $7.00 to watch that

  • http://www.myblueheaven.com Scott Wood

    I like it. I played around with timelapse a couple years ago and while I enjoyed the results, I am not sure I really have the patience for it. 🙂

  • http://seldomscenephotography.com Eric

    Great job, particularly for a first attempt. Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.a-forsikring.dk/ Lill

    It’s not bad for a first time really! Good job!

  • http://www.simplyness.com/streetphotography Ness

    Not bad. I’ve been wanting to do a time lapse but never really had a chance. Great work Mike.

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  • http://www.ScottFrederickPhotoBlog.com Scott Frederick

    What a commitment to rock some time-lapse. Great first try!