There were two ways I could have gone with this image. One was the “or die” you see on the wall…but the other seemed to click the moment I saw this scene and thus it’s this week’s Movie Title Wednesday.

Swingers is my number one…yes, numero uno, all-time favorite movie. It’s hard to explain why, but to me this is one of the best guy movies ever made. First off you have Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn and Ron Livingston, all young before anyone knew who they were. Second you have Las Vegas, you have cool cars, awesome big band music, gangster references to Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, Wayne Gretsky bleeding, guns, bears with claws and “This place is dead anyways.”

I can’t even mention all the lines I love in the movie.

“Mikey’s the big winner, Mikey wins!”

“Vegas baby…Vegas.”

“You’re so money.”

“Is he cute Mikey? Is he brown?”

“Hey! What’re you kicking me for? You want me to ask? All right, I’ll ask! Ma’am, where do the high school girls hang out in this town?”

And the one that inspired me to use the flick for this image in the first place:

“You always doubledown on eleven.”

This photo is another one from the dog track north of Phoenix. You can clearly see two number “11” seats in the picture. So not only do you always doubledown on eleven, but this photo has TWO elevens! And to top it off, all the chairs kind of “swing” up and down right?

It’s total kismet. I mean…yeah, I could have saved the movie title for an awesome picture of Las Vegas that I will undoubtedly get this spring when I find myself up there a lot, but I had to use it now. I dug how the row of chairs had dead weeds around it and broken seats laying everywhere.

Oh and I still have quite a few shots left from the dog track that I haven’t even processed yet. Ugh!

Swingers is wonderfully written, completely hilarious and ultimately a cult classic. It’s about your buddies, girlfriend problems and Martin Scorsese. It played at the Valley Art Theater in Tempe for about a year straight because every week, people still came out to see it. I beg you, if you haven’t experienced it, go rent it this weekend, sit back with a beer and try not to cringe at the voice mail scene.

  • http://www.ScottFrederickPhotoBlog.com Scott Frederick

    Love this shot Mike, great color tones!

  • http://scottwyden.com Scott

    Swingers “or die” 🙂 Why are there two #11 seats? hmmm. Nice shot!

  • http://www.nabzphoto.com John Sotiriou

    I can only imagine what the cheap seats must have looked like. Great catch!

  • http://heathofee.com Heath O’Fee

    This is awesome, dude. I really dig the processing on this, too…a little bit of a vintage feel.

  • http://www.behindmyeyes.me Jim Denham

    Nicely done Mike. This dog track has been a gold mine of images!

  • http://www.rav3nstudios.com Chris Nitz

    Fabulous shot Mike. Really like the comp and the processing. Like Heath said, digging the vintage feel from this.

  • http://www.stormstills.blogspot.com Scott Ackerman

    Really like this one. Love the color gradient as you work your way down the picture. And absolutely a great movie!

  • http://www.myblueheaven.com Scott Wood

    Another great dog track image Mike. As mentioned, it looks vintage and I really like that.

  • http://toomuchglass.net/ Mark Garbowski

    The alternative movie title for this could be “Spinal Tap,” as in “This one goes to 11.” “Swingers” is perfect however, and one of the great things about my wife is that she gets it, even though, as Mike points out, it is a complete guy movie.
    I love photos that present a mystery: why are there two Number 11 chairs.

  • http://Ryoungfoto.com Rick Young

    Love this Mike

  • http://www.toadhollowphotography.com Toad Hollow Photography

    This is AWESOME Mike, one of my favorites of yours!!

  • Mike

    Thanks everyone for the kind words! I’ve been holding onto this one for awhile, processed it so long ago 🙂