Southwest Shakespeare Company Gala

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for a little exposure, a little practice and just a little bit of growing up.

The Southwest Shakespeare Company held a gala last weekend to raise money for their theater group. The cost was $100 a ticket, so it was a fairly ritzy event. A member of the company, Sara, asked if I wanted to help do a photobooth and hand out my business cards for a little bit of exposure.

I’ve been wanting to practice and get better at the whole one-light photobooth kind of setup, so I said sure I would. Plus it helps a good cause. While I don’t get out to shows or plays too often, I do enjoy them when I do.

So these are just a few of the shots I took that night. Sarah brought some props along to give it a cool, old office feel and I think it worked pretty well.

Used a Speedlite EX II off left with a light stand and umbrella. Flash was manual and power around 1/4. Canon 5D Mark II and a 50 mm 1.4 set at around f/5.0 and ISO 200. Backdrop was a giant drape/curtain I borrowed from church which proved perfect.

Definitely still learning, but for what we were trying to accomplish that night, they turned out pretty good I think.

  • Rick Young

    These turned out great Mike!

  • Dave

    Turned out pretty good, I’m sure they’ll they like them. I’m glad you’re showing us your learning process, I think it is a great help for those of us thinking of going down similar routes. Keep em coming Mike. 🙂

  • Heath O’Fee

    Nice work, dude. Can’t wait to see some more of you experimentation with off-camera flash 🙂

  • Chris Kenison

    Nice job. I’d like to see a softer light (softbox) on the left and a filler on the right. That way, the light wouldn’t be so harsh on the left side.