Sneak peek: Cara

Processing photos from a session I had yesterday afternoon with Cara, her baby brother and parents (of course!), and just had to post this one right away.

19-month old Cara was absolutely adorable in her little pink jackets and blue jeans…and while she is sitting all cute-like in this photo, it was one of the rare moments that she wasn’t moving! The girl is just like our daughter Lyla in the way she constantly wants to explore her world…and you can’t do that sitting down. Well, unless there is awesome dirt, rocks and bugs to check out, but even then….they’d rather be walking or running.

I love following around kids like this when they “do what they do”…and then trying my hardest to capture some candid moments.

Early in the shoot, I showed Cara some of the pictures I had just taken of her…and she got all giggly and smiley and even let out a laugh. I tried not to take it personally.

Everyone’s a critic right? (I’m kidding)

More to come.