(exif: canon 5d mark ii, tamron 17-35 2.8, 17mm, iso100)

I’m out in Henderson, Nevada for work this week and of course dragged my gear along with me. I used to hate carrying a lot of crap with me back in the day, but now I take along my personal laptop, camera bag and tripod if I’m gone longer than a day or two. It certainly makes things more difficult, but then again, I’d miss out on stuff like the above image.

I had no idea where I was going yesterday, but I decided to take a drive after getting done at the plant. I headed south on the 515 which turned into the 95 and then took the 93 towards Lake Mead. Not sure what I was looking for…I just knew the sun was going down and I wanted to get a cool picture of something.

I passed by this building off to the left and saw a bunch of broken windows. Bingo. It was close to the road, no fences, so I flipped around and parked at a pullout right by it. Was almost like it was an overlook to view this place (link to it here from Google maps).

Now, there is something about a building being abandoned, windows broken…the oldness, the quiet…that spooks me. I mean, this thing was only a few hundred feet from the road but I still kept looking over my shoulder. I need to get over that.

I slowly explored the area and was amazed to find the door to the above room open. I didn’t have to work hard to slide it all the way which allowed in a bit more light and let me setup the tripod.

The site itself was interesting. It looked like a power generation station but also a small water reservoir storage system. This set of pipes is some kind of junction for the process…I count at least five valves in the picture. I love old, worn, decrepit stuff like this…and I seriously love how the HDR process brings it to life.

I took a few more shots from around the place and will post them at a later time. Below is kind of a quickie image that gives you an idea of what the outside area looked like (posted it on Twitter last night).

  • http://heathofee.com Heath O’Fee

    Awesome. Love the grime and complexity of those pipes. Look forward to seeing more from this location.

  • http://dudewithcamera.com Jesse

    Really like those textures you brought out in that first image, cool shot

  • http://jstolarski.com Jon Stolarski

    I’d be looking over my shoulder as well, looks like something from resident evil.

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  • http://chriskenison.com Chris Kenison

    Great shot, Mike. Agree with Heath and Jesse. You really brought out the texture and grime on the shot! Awesome!

  • http://ramblings.chriswray.net Chris Wray

    Great grungy goodness! Love the processing on the pipes.

  • http://www.stevebeal.com Steve Beal

    The brick wall is really cool in this shot… I also love the gradient from light to shadow, really great shot Mike!

  • http://www.jamesbrandon.cc/blog James Brandon

    Great find Mike, love how you just found it on the side of the road randomly! Great example of HDR bringing out details, killer shot dude!

  • http://www.markblundellphoto.com Mark Blundell

    Lovely shot – you did well to get in. After the external I was thinking that it would have to be a bit of an effort. Its always worth having a scout around. Many times I’ve gone in through a window only to find a door open!

    It looks like a water pumping station, you’re right.

    Good work on the image – processing and HDR top notch as we all some to expect – keep it up!

  • http://visualstate.wordpress.com andy gimino

    Great shot mike…its amazing what you can find when you are not really looking for it.

  • http://lussierphoto.com Bob Lussier

    Great find!