Into the light

Morning Sunrise on the Apache Trail

You know me…a hint of weather, a mention of rain…and I can suddenly feel the juices get flowing again. When I go weeks and weeks at a time with nothing but blue, sunny skies…I kind of forget how much I love being out there chasing storms.

Monday was a day off for me…I wanted a nice little three-day weekend before I start my new job today. As amazing luck would have it (or maybe a nice little gift from the man upstairs), we actually had a storm system blow through the state that morning and afternoon. Clear skies today and the rest of the week…clear skies before that…but somehow…storms on Monday…my day off.

I was pumped.

Now, they weren’t storms that I normally love to get after…lightning, towering clouds…but it’s weather alright? I take what I can get!

I decided to get up at the crack of dawn and make my way to the Superstition Mountains before sunrise to see what I would so. It was a beautiful morning…standing outside in 35 degrees, watching the sun rise and light up the morning clouds.

This was actually the last shot of the day…taken around 9am. As it usually happens when I’m out doing this stuff, I didn’t plan this shot, nor stop to get it. I did stop to climb the hill to take some pictures of a forest of Ocotillo cactus, and on my way down I realized how much of the road I could see disappearing into the distance and then the sun started creating awesome rays from behind the clouds.

That’s my favorite part of stormchasing really. Never knowing what you’ll find when you are out there, nor what shots you’ll get. It’s a matter of exploring, looking, observing and getting lucky.

Now we return you to your regularly blue skies…already in progress (ugh).

(exif: 5d mark ii, tamron 17-35 2.8, 17mm,  f/16, iso100)

  • James Brandon

    Great composition Mike. The framing of the dead plant works well with the leading line of the road. Wish I had something like this near DFW!

  • Jim Denham

    Classic Mike O! great shot and processing dude!

  • Tobias George

    Agree with Jim! Love the rays of light.

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  • Jesse

    Dig it

  • Chris Kenison

    Sweet shot, Mike!

  • Steve Beal

    Wow, you know how to capture a sky! I really like the placement of the road leading the eye through the frame.

  • Mark Garbowski

    I’m sorry, is there a photo here? I got as far as the second sentence where he mentions going “weeks and weeks at a time with nothing but blue, sunny skies” and couldn’t think of anything else here in “record snow and ice accumulation” NYC.
    Seriously, it’s good to see you get some storm chasing in again, and good luck on the new day job.

  • jina

    The ominous clouds and the blue skies trying to peak through… it’s like the conflict in you is replicated here in this photo. Nice.

  • Heath O’Fee

    This is classic ‘Olbinski’. Love it, dude!

  • Joseph

    premonition of disaster in the air…

    well seen, well captured, and well done!

  • Scott Wood

    I was hoping that you were going to be able to get some shots. Sadly I wasn’t able to break away from the daily grind to capture any. Love the shot and the road leading me right into it.