Air Produce

Downtown Phoenix Urban Building Airplane

The day before our chilly, 6am Urban Phoenix Photowalk takes place, figured I’d drop one more image from one of my excursions down there before Christmas. We’ll probably be walking by this building once again and I’m hoping to find something new and different about it that I missed before.

Before I go on…I figured I’d talk a bit about clouds. Not a surprise right?

My buddy Bob Lussier (whom I apparently am in love with since I’ve now linked to him twice this week) is just finishing up a series he calls “Off-Season.” It’s a fantastic look at what the wintery season looks like up in Massachusetts and the New England area when things close down. Check out one of his latest shots.

The reason I bring it up is because without the moody, cloudy skies, I don’t think he’d get the same “abandoned, off-season, winter” feelings that he conveys through those shots.

Clouds are important to the photography I enjoy. I hate blue skies. If I find a building or structure that I’m dying to shoot…I’m going to wait until I get the skies to go with it. The entire reason I was out the morning I took the above shot was the clouds. There is something magical and beautiful about the morning sun creating textures and depth in clouds like this. It draws me and moves me.

While I was setting up to take this shot, I noticed how close the airplanes were on their decent into Sky Harbor, so I waited to snap my brackets until another one was flying over. I like the image with or without the airplane, but I think it just adds something extra.

(exif: rebel xsi, tamron 17-35mm, 17mm, f/8.0, iso100)

  • Heath O’Fee

    Love that you captured the plane in this frame, definitely adds to the image.

  • Jesse

    Just a great shot Mike. Catching that plane really adds to the image.

    Just so I know, what temperature qualifies for chilly in Arizona 😉

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  • Chris Wray

    Great capture. Really like the dynamic lines of the warehouse front and cloud banks. The plane really makes the shot sing.

  • Toni Vaughan

    Mike- nice image, I have to agree on the clouds, I hate to shoot without them… Looking forward to the photowalk tomorrow, hope I can get up that early!

  • Simply Ness

    Great shot Mike, excellent composition. That plane really completes the image.

  • Chris Kenison

    Great shot, Mike. Loving the mood. Chilly? Did you have to wear a hoody or a sweater? I’m wearing frickin long johns! You know the onesie type… 😛

  • Steve Beal

    Yeah, I think the plane is an awesome element, glad you captured it! Great image Mike!

  • Tom Baker

    The plain make the shot. Nice moody grab.

  • Mark Garbowski

    Except for the modern silhouette of the plane, this has a very 40s California film noir look to me. Very nice.

  • Scott Frederick

    Great shot in B&W Mike. I totally agree about blue skies, but does Bob know how
    you truly feel. Maybe if you didn’t hold it in, you’d learn to love blue skies again! 😉

  • Scott Wood

    I agree, the plans finishes off a very dramatic image.

  • Mark Blundell

    Sweet shot with great DOF and you caught the plane in just the right spot!
    I too like the clouds, its often hard to get them ‘just right’ though. The weather here has been good for this type of thing recently, however my images do suffer from blown out areas sometimes requring a bit of cover-up in post after HDR treatment.

    Do you have any tips on how to avoid this?

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