The sunset Tacoma

I used to have a gorgeous, red, tripped out Toyota Tacoma. I loved it. My dream truck, I planned on owning it forever. Then we got pregnant and the payment was a bit too much to handle. I loved the truck, but other things were just more important. So I downgraded to a paid-off 1999 Toyota Solara…great little sports car, but I’ll always remember that truck. Sometimes with tears in my eyes. Okay, not really, but I did love that thing.

My buddy Scott Wood recently purchased a brand new Tacoma himself and it’s a slick, sexy machine. He drove myself and Rick Young out to the dog track over Christmas where I’ve been posting a lot of pictures from in the last week. As we headed back to the truck after three hours of shooting and an amazing sunset, the Tacoma looked pretty awesome framed against the fading sky so I just had to get some brackets of it.

I had a lot of fun processing this one…and I have to say, OnOne Phototools and FocalPoint are a dream to work with. They allow me so much freedom in taken a fairly flat tonemapped image, with little to no noise, and then turn my vision into reality. I’ve never had so much fun working with any photo, be it HDR or not.

Scott, hope I did your truck justice.

  • Heath O’Fee

    Shoulda just taken the keys 😉

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  • Scott Wood

    I guess it goes without saying that I love it. Both the image and the subject. 🙂

  • Chris Kenison

    I agree with Heath. You shoulda just taken his keys! That’s a sweet ride. I feel your pain though. I’m going to have to get rid of my Honda because we’re pregnant… lol. Oh well. I’m sure the baby will be worth it, right? ;P

  • Justin

    Tacoma Love. I roll in an 04, silver, extended cab. Mine is the body style before this one. It is my dream truck! Takes me and my camera wherever we need to go!

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Looks like it should be on a brochure somewhere! Good work. Not a truck guy myself, but apparently this would be the way to go!

  • Scott Wood

    I really like Mike, but I don’t think he would have had much change taking the keys. 🙂