Rest in peace, great-grandpa Bob

Back on this past December 4th, I did a photoshoot for 13 people, a family ranging from a little girl all the way up to her great-grandfather Bob. Well, the old guy was in a wheelchair and didn’t talk a whole lot, but I loved the character in his face and I could tell how much he adored his family and especially those two great-grandkids, Collin and Danica.

I mean, look at the photo of him above…was a sweet, kind face…with wise ol’ eyes that you know have seen some amazing things of the course of his life.

I was wandering Facebook tonight and saw the really sad news via one of his grandkids that Bob passed away this past Thursday. Ugh, didn’t expect to see that. I know the entire family is mourning right now and I’m sure the two little kiddies are having a tough time dealing with the loss of a great-granddad. My prayers are with you guys.

This painful time in their lives obviously has little to do with a photographer who only spent a few hours with them all…but I have to say, it’s a very strange thing to have just taken pictures of someone and then find out news like this. It’s a bit surreal and incredibly emotional. Plus I know from the family how much the two great-grandkids loved Bob, so I can’t imagine what they are feeling right now.

A lot of people who saw the photos from the shoot really enjoyed this one below of Bob and Danica. It’s actually a little hard for me to look at right now. Sometimes you take photos for families and perhaps don’t really think about them too much after that, but I know now that this will be one I cherish for a very, very long time.

Rest in peace Bob.

  • Scott

    Very touching!

  • Hector Garza

    A sad post and a very human one too.
    I really like the third photo. The silhouettes and the little highlights look great.

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  • Bob Lussier

    A wonderfully touching post. Rest in Peace, Bob.

  • Michelle Hires

    Wow Mike! How incredibly touching and how amazing that this family has these beautiful memories of Grandpa Bob. I’m sure they’ll treasure them always.

  •,com/nolansternphotography Chris Stern

    Beautiful post, Mike. I am glad you were able to capture some great images of great grandpa Bob. Rest in Peace, Bob!

  • Steve Beal

    Incredible portraits. Very touching post…

  • Chris DeAngelis

    Very touching post Mike. Those shots are just wonderful and are a great tribute to great grandpa Bob.

  • Mark Blundell

    Lovely post, its hard dealing with this and despite not having spent much time witht he family, its obvious that you were touched by them. Maybe the family knew that this bad news was on the way and having you take some images for them was a way of ensuring that they had great memories of everyone together.
    Thoughts obviously with the family at this hard time.

  • Chris Kenison

    Very nice post. Rest in Peace, Bob!

  • Heather

    Wow. This brings back so many memories of my kids and their “Old Papa” we don’t have very many memories in photo like this though 🙁

    My condolences to this amazing family~

  • michael Kelley

    a perfect example of “A picture is worth a thousand words”

    Beautiful story.

  • Eric Leslie

    Wow Mike, what a powerful set of images! They really tell a story. Love love love these!

  • Janice

    Beautiful memories, and beautiful images. Your storytelling with words as strong as your storytelling with images.

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  • Chris Harnish

    Beautiful silhouette style in the last picture! Very moving. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jason St. Petersburg Photographer

    Very moving work Mike. Great depth to your shots and thickness. I found your work via dPS ( ) using one of your photos in a post.

  • Kat

    Hi Mike. I also came by your site through DPS. My grandpa’s going 86 this year. I try to take pictures and videos of him as much as possible. I lost my other grandparents a few years back, but I’m grateful to have spent more than 20 years with them. These kids will appreciate your photos when they get older.

  • Rebecca

    Wow these images really speak a story and pour out so much love and emotion without even have known in the beginning that their GreatGrandpa had passed away. What a beautiful capture. When these lil ones grow up they will never forget the love they had for each other w/ their grandpa.
    Totally inspired!

  • violet

    Completely amazing photos!

  • Amitav Roy

    First of all sorry to hear about your grandfather.
    But yes, the pictures are simply amazing and really liked them. It reminded me of my own grandfather and I guess for that I should thank you.

    Happy clicking.

  • Danial Shah

    I really liked the way you have portrayed love in the last photo and perfect use of emotions. Hats off!
    and sorry to hear about grandfather

  • Ram

    Very timely clicked photos, incredible to have last moments captured
    very nice post