Diagone Alley

This was a popular scene on our photowalk in late December. I had found this alleyway about a year prior to that when I was so hungry to shoot anything that I left home without much direction and ended up in downtown Phoenix. After daring myself to walk down it despite the very late hour, I ended up loving the back of this particular building. It’s a small section of an entire block and it kind of stands out…almost like it’s the entrance to the magical Diagone Alley from Harry Potter.

One of my co-horts Adam Schmid really got a nice view of this same building with an ultra-wide angle, which you can see right here. Gives you an idea of what I mean about it “standing out.”

What’s remarkable and fun about this spot is the eerie green glow that comes from above and on the opposite side of the alley. You may not notice it at first, but after doing a few long exposures, the green really pops. You can see in my image, the link above and some of the ones below from the other guys that the greenish tint is everywhere. And it casts some heavy shadows too.

Hence…while it’s probably a nice place during the day to shoot, at night you get something a bit more unique.

Photo Walkers

Green Alley


  • http://heathofee.com Heath O’Fee

    Very cool location, and I really like the greenish glow.

  • http://www.heathercaptured.wordpress.com Heather

    I forgot how cool downtown Phoenix is. Cool stuff Mike! I like HDR in the cityscape setting 🙂

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  • http://dudewithcamera.com Jesse Pafundi

    I officially cannot tell my wife you exist. Back to back days of Shawshank then Harry Potter. Shed leave me for you in a second! Love the shots!

  • http://www.chriskenison.com Chris Kenison

    Nice location, Mike. Great shots!

  • http://servalpe.wordpress.com Sergio Valverde

    I love the toning and textures of this pic !

  • http://www.imagesbyanaandlorenzo.com Lorenzo Gonzalez

    Mike, these look AWESOME!!!!! you got me motivated to go walk around Downtown. Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for posting the location of the photos as well.

  • Dallin Nead


    I love the shots and location…amazing!! Do you remember the cross streets of your location? I’d love to film a scene for my film there.