Interview with Channel 12

Here is the interview I did last Friday with Sarah Walters at Channel 12 in downtown Phoenix, the local NBC affiliate. The topic was my photobook, Stormchasing Arizona.

Now, I want to warn you…don’t blink, you may miss it *grin*

During the interview I talked a lot about some of my favorite images, growing up in Arizona, why Arizona is awesome for storms and my love for weather. A lot of that didn’t make it into the final version of the interview, and while some of that disappoints me, I’m still thrilled that I got the chance to do this. Everyone was so nice down there, Sarah had me sit at the Weather Desk which is just a bank of computer monitors (Something I’d love to have someday) and it was awesome seeing it behind the scenes.

For those still looking to buy the book before Christmas, the price is $44.95 for a limited time and you can get it by heading over to

Thanks again to Sarah for the interview!

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  • Jesse

    Man, you are a friggin rock star! How did this transpire?

  • Scott

    Rock on dude! Can’t wait to watch it when I get home!

  • Alex Evjen

    YAY MIKE!!! That’s sooo awesome!!!

  • Tod Grubbs

    Great job mike!

  • Justin

    Very cool Mike. Congrats on the interview and the book!

  • Dave Wilson

    Am I the only one who finds the term “Citizen Journalist” horribly condescending when used by a news organisation? Regardless, congratulations on the publicity Mike!

  • Char

    Congrats Mike, great interview and awesome book!! Love your work!