The lake that wasn’t there

Canon Rebel XSI, Tamron 17-35mm 2.8, 17mm, ISO 100, F9, Six exposures, HDR

An amazing weather system moved through Arizona earlier this week. In fact, a total of FIVE confirmed tornadoes hit northern Arizona on Wednesday. That is unheard of.

What is also seen on very, very rare occasions is standing water in the middle of a flat desert. This “lake” didn’t exist earlier in the day and within about six hours of heavy rains and hail, it formed out of nowhere.  My buddy Bryan and drove down this little road to capture some awesome storm clouds about 90 minutes before sunset…and then decided to just sit and wait to see what things looked like when the sun went down.

We got lucky with the clouds, because they were all but gone about 30 minutes before this, but suddenly started forming again right over the mountains. And I was so focused on the water and sky, I didn’t even notice the colorful rocks that lay right beside me.

I have so many different shots from different angles and with different lenses around this area, I may post a few over time…I love them all, especially for the uniqueness in the fact that it’s unlikely anyone could ever capture this again.

  • Scott

    The combo of the sky and the still water is amazing. Great job my friend!

  • RT Cunningham

    There’s actually a spot between Coolidge and Casa Grande (on the back road) called “Lake in the Desert”. One of my sisters lived in a mobile home there with her family for a few years.

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  • Jim Denham

    Opportunistic! Nice colors and reflection!


    The region around Phoenix has treated me well with pictures. Sunrise/sunset, even horned toads, snow, dust, cactus flowers, desert wrens. Keep on shooting and enjoy your new digs. Butch