Well, it’s another Movie Title Wednesday and this time it may be more subtle than most, but there is a quick story behind it. Super quick.

“Hey wife, what do you think of this photo?”

“I like the signs.”

“There are signs? Oh yeah…wait a second…”

And thus we now have a title for the picture.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Signs was one of my more favorite M. Night films, and it was probably one of his last good ones. It had some great music, spooky moments and a cool ending where everything tied up nice and neat.

“Swing away Merrill…swing away.”

Nothing beats Sixth Sense and Unbreakable though in my eyes when it comes to M. Night movies.

So linking this image to Signs isn’t exactly obvious, but I like it anyways. It definitely has that dark, scary thing going on. And you can’t argue with my wife…it does indeed have signs in it. I shot this up at Sunset Point last week during the tornado insanity here in Arizona. I had driven north at 8am hoping to catch my first shot of a twister, but ended up sitting here for a bit before heading back to work. Pulled off on the right side of Interstate 17 and walked out into the scrub a bit. I’m sure I’m going to get a ticket one of these days for parking on the edge of a major highway.

On the way back home I did get a photo of a small funnel cloud though and will post those later this week more than likely.

  • Didier Kaade

    You can almost see some sort of funnel forming here… I love the creepiness of the shot… The dark contrasting the light… Very very cool !!

  • Bob Lussier

    This one rocks. Well. They all do really, but this is now officially one of my faves.
    And there are signs.

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  • Mark Garbowski

    I love it when somebody notices something in an image I make that I didn’t even think about. I myself never would have paid much attention to those signs here without Mike’s story about his wife’s comment, but now that I see them they create a nice line leading you to the horizon.
    As for Signs, I think it is highly underrated and mistreated. I think a lot of people — both believers and non-believers — were uncomfortable with the explicit mixture of alien sci-fi with the faith/religion theme. Then when everything he made afterward turned out to be dreck, people felt comfortable trashing this movie also.

  • Capn Schwartz

    Cool pic…. makes you think there is something off to the right everything is pointing to! I keep leaning wayyy to the left to look down the right side of the screen to see if i can see what it is!!!

  • Jim Denham

    Love the signs Mike, as well as the whole image. Another winner!

  • jina

    I just think it’s funny that I like the one thing that is man-made in the picture, while you obviously took it for the clouds. It meets both of our interests. 🙂 But I really liked how the signs pointed away from the danger of the storm. Cool shot!

  • John Tammaro

    Ha Ha. Would have never noticed the signs either if you hadn’t mentioned Signs. Of course now I can’t miss them 🙂