One Man’s Trash…

…is another man’s treasure.

I’ve been holding onto this one for awhile…shot it back in August along with a few other sunsets I’ve posted since then. This was one of my favorite photos from the day and sometimes you just want to HOLD onto a photo and just wait for the right time to post it. I have no idea why this was the time, or exactly why I waited…but regardless, here it is.

This was just south of the I-10/SR 587 interchange…a road I had never been down before. I drove right on past this to grab the sunset, and on my way back I passed it again…and then I stopped, put the car in reverse and snapped some brackets.

It was actually spooky and kind of proves to me why I’d never be good at solo urban exploring. I’m too much of a chicken. Everything was so still and quiet here…and I wasn’t sure if perhaps someone might be staring at me from inside those dark windows.

I’d love to go back here someday though, perhaps get a closer shot of that couch, because it was just awesome. I’m not saying this photo is an amazing bit of composition, but it definitely felt like someone placed the couch there specifically for me to photograph it.

  • Scott

    I love the mood of this shot!

  • Heath OFee

    Love this shot, Mike! Clouds are perfect as usual, and the little bit o’ grunge in the foreground adds some extra punch.

  • Jay Taylor (aka Sirfishalot)

    Very nice composition Mike,
    Especially the clouds and the way you’ve processed the scene. Although, I think next time you need to shoot the couch from interior 🙂


  • Richard Reeves

    This is a great photo. I love the composition and elements of the picture. My brother recently told me about your blog. Great stuff.