Glowing Rails

(Canon Rebel XSI, Tamron 17-35mm 2.8, 17mm, ISO 100, 8-exposures, F8)

Back three weeks ago when I realized it was going to be a nice sunset, I’d drive 5 minutes and be in the middle of the desert. Now I’m scrambling for places in downtown Phoenix that will compliment the gorgeous skies we get down here in the evenings and mornings.

My little family and I had been driving around downtown two weekends ago just exploring and seeing what kind of restaurants are there, shops, etc. Of course I was unconsciously more focused on things I could photograph, but when isn’t that true? We passed these tracks and I just knew I had to come back sometime.

By the way, the cardinal rule about never leaving a sunset until it’s well past the sun actually going down is so very important. As the sun disappeared on this night, the high clouds that were hanging around all afternoon suddenly appeared to vanish. I was like “UGH! They were amazing, why did they just go POOF like that? Argh, better drive around and see what else I can find to shoot while I’m here.” Sure enough, I found something that I’m extremely excited to post at a later time, but as I was snapping the shutter I saw the sky. Wow…all the clouds were back and they were on fire.

Obviously they had never left, but the sun going down made them blend in with the sky for a few minutes before they got nailed with that amazing light. Don’t. Give.Up.On.Your.Sunset.

I love the train tracks in this photo more than anything…the way they were shiny enough to reflect the sky was remarkable. Next time though I think I’d like to be further down the tracks, closer to that bridge you see in the distance.

  • Heath O’Fee

    Now THAT’s a sunset! Sweet shot, Mike. You’re right about the tracks…absolutely amazing!

  • Oscar Navarro

    Beautiful colors my friend!!!

  • Scott

    That is one beautiful sunset. Nicely captured!

  • Jim Denham

    Well done! Really like the way the tracks glow with that color!

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  • Mike

    Thanks so much everyone for the kind words…I’m actually a little surprised…I liked the shot, but wasn’t sure it had enough interesting elements to really create a reaction to it. Sometimes we can be more critical on our own work than anyone else!

    Thanks again.

  • Bob Lussier

    Mike … This is so awesome. I really love your desert sunsets and storms, but this deviation in locale is just beautiful. HEY! We have rail yards in the Northeast too! Gotta go! 🙂