My brown-eyed girl

Those that follow my work closely know that besides chasing storms and loving HDR photography, I have also become quite addicted to portraiture and doing photoshoots for clients. I’ve done everything from a maternity shoot to baby showers and engagements. It’s a lot of fun and a part of my little business that continues to grow and be rewarding for me.

What I really love though are the kids and capturing their little faces, the innocent moments and random things they do. Like yesterday’s post with the family on the beach. Their little girl just stared at the ocean, walked around, and left footprints here and there. They are easy to photograph. Sure, sometimes you want them to just sit peacefully for a moment so you can get that perfect shot, but a lot of times, you just need to follow them around.

Which brings us to this picture above. My daughter Lyla. Who could ever grasp the love a dad has for his little girl until they have that same relationship? I for sure never knew what a face like that could do to me.

Lyla is always moving…running to the next place, running down the aisle in the grocery store…running everywhere. She does an amazing amount of running for a 21-month old. Capturing her in a perfect, quiet state is sometimes difficult.

On occasion though, she stops…and you get moments like this. I only took this over the weekend, but it’s already one of my favorites of her.