Lazy Clouds over the San Tan Mountains

If I remember correctly, I took this back on July 1st while sitting out on this road praying that the monsoons would start up soon. Nothing happened of course, but the clouds were beautiful, lazy and fluffy.

I believe this was also one of my first images with the newly acquired Tamron 17-35 2.8. I love the glass, it’s sharp and the aspherical nature of it has been a lot of fun.

These are the San Tan Mountains, which you’ve probably seen in quite a few of my photos since this spot is only 1.5 miles from my house. I may end up posting as many San Tan shots as I can this week as we’re moving on Saturday to downtown Phoenix and places like this will take more of a drive to get to.  A final farewell to the ol’ stomping grounds.

The photo itself is a single exposure (no HDR) with some texturing added in Photoshop.

  • Jim Denham

    Love the treatment and feel of this one Mike. Well done!

  • Mark Garbowski

    Old photo ops become harder to reach, but I’m sure plenty of new ones will become more accessible. good luck with the move, Mike.

  • Jay Taylor

    Very nice composition Mike.
    I like the the rendering of the Tammy and the way you’ve processed this scene.
    Wishing you guys the best in the new digs.