Arizona monsoon lightning photos from August 28th

My daughter sat in her little car seat, enjoying Toy Story and staying safely away from any lightning or the bazillion numbers of mosquitos I encountered last night out in the Arizona desert. Probably was a little too close to a couple of canals out there, but at times it almost felt like a swarm of bugs attacking me. I definitely have more than five itchy bites on me today.

The above lightning strike was my favorite of the night. A tip to lightning photos out there (not that any of you would do this), if your car is running because you are keeping the AC on for your little girl, go ahead and do NOT put the tripod on your trunk…just use the ground. Subtle vibrations from the engine running caused a few of my shots to be a bit unsharp and I can’t tell you how bummed I was about that.

There is another one below I like that has the strike landing behind a cactus which created a beautiful silhouette.

While I was out, I met a guy who was trying his hand at lightning photography and while I stood there, I realized his own silhouette sitting on top of his SUV was kind of cool against the clouds over the city. Amazingly, I caught a shot of a lightning strike AND him, so I walked over, introduced myself and emailed him the photos today.

The last one is just him sitting there…watching. I just love it.

Hope you enjoy these!

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  • Jim Denham

    Awesome shots Mike! Well done!

  • Shane Kirk

    Nice shots Mike! I’d love to photograph some lightning out there!

    Man it’s been hot(humid) and quiet out here! I’m hoping for a chance of storms on Tuesday into Wednesday. We’ll see. I’ve been disappointed many times this year!

  • Roxanna Bree

    Mike: these are awesome shots – thanks so much for sitting out there on a dark and stormy night to capture the raw power and exquiaite beauty of Creation. There’s nothing like lightening to give us perspective on our smallness…

  • Bryan

    You did it! I knew last night was going to be EPIC. Congrats!

  • jina

    At least Lyla was well air-conditioned! Nice shots.