The train tracks in Nuenen

The day I took this photo was kind of frustrating for me because I left the hotel without my spare camera batteries and instead of just going out to dinner, we went on a little tour of Nuenen. Of course right then my battery decided to die quickly and so I missed the first windmill I saw in Holland and a few other juicy items.

So when we got back, I ran inside, grabbed my stuff, a fresh battery and basically stormed back out, annoyed at myself and determined to get a shot before the sun went down. I had seen these tracks on the way to the hotel and it was just a quick 1/4 mile walk to get to them.

Trains FLY on these tracks and I was kind of nervous standing out there. In fact, if you look at the large version by clicking on the photo, you can see three little lights way off as the tracks disappear. I moved off the tracks pretty fast after this shot and within 30-40 seconds, that thing flew by going at least 80mph. The wind almost knocked me over *grin*

Just a sampling of the kind of railroads you see over here in the Netherlands.

(More shots from Holland: Holland Trip)

  • Jay Taylor

    Great image Mike!
    I really like the play of textures and colors in the composition along with your treatment of the sky and the vanishing point.


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  • Heath OFee

    Really like this shot Mike. Nothing like a little symmetry every now and then. Glad you managed to dodge the train 😉

  • Thièrry

    Nice Picture, do you mind if i save it to my computer? (If not allowed emediate deletion will follow!)
    I love the technique (I am not a photo expert but everything looks so sharp and stuff, I really enjoy watching this picture)
    And I love the netherlands because it’s my home country!

    let me gues, the train you saw was yellow? 😉


  • Thièrry

    PS google brought me here!