Dusty colored monsoon sunset

Sometimes when people process an HDR photo, the colors can get skewed and tweaked so you are looking at an unrealistic interpretation of what the photography actually observed.

Not so here. If you look at the foreground elements…the desert, the grass, the construction vehicles…you can see those colors are fairly accurate. It was just a crazy sky right before the sun went down last night.

We’re not sure what caused it to get this weird, paled burnt color. You can see a little dust storm on the left horizon in this picture, so it didn’t appear to be reflection from that, even though it reminds of that kind of look. I think it was just other clouds, rain and the sun being reflected off the desert or something that created this sort of spooky scene.

Yesterday’s atmosphere was packed with water, so any rain that fell came in buckets. You can see the downpour in the shot above…lots of flash flood warnings all across the state and a few severe thunderstorm warnings as well.

For the locals, this was taken on the southern most part of Kyrene, just as you turn West to head towards the casinos. The direction is towards the San Tan Mountains.

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  • jina

    That’s one of my favorite colors of monsoons…

  • http://www.day12.org brian

    dude… you have a gift for this.

    it was literally pink downtown last night. I don’t mean just touches of it in the clouds but it looked as if the air was pink. I was wishing i had THE mike olbinski to capture it.

  • http://preetalina.wordpress.com Preeti

    Wow, this is INSANE! Such drama. I love the placement of the tractor – it adds such an interesting element to the photo.

  • Jeff Welker

    As a naitive of Mesa, I’ve watched these storms roll in for over 50 years. This image really captures the eery calm before the wall of dust hits. Excellent work.