Stormchasing: Scary clouds over the highway

My intention while I was out stormchasing was to get photographs that weren’t dominated by powerlines and other vehicles like a lot of severe weather photography is like these days. But I couldn’t resist the shot of these insanely crazy clouds over this road and the car of a few other stormchasers I was following along with.

These guys were great…they pulled over alongside me earlier and asked if I was chasing, so we chatted and kind of stuck together for awhile. Good guys and it was amazing to find out how friendly people were. I met another stormchaser while out there and he was just as nice a guy. Must be a fun fraternity to be a part of out there.

  • Tammy

    That is one amazing photo! I know nothing about photography but I love whatever you did to enhance drama. I have a friend here who is a stormchaser too and he often sends me videos where he got far closer to a storm than I’d ever be.

  • Mark

    Great shot of fantastic scary clouds!!!

  • Jay Taylor

    Stunning image and a great composition Mike.
    Incorporation of the fellow stormchasers adds even more drama to capture.
    Very nicely done.


  • charles uibel

    way to go, terrific. I found this thru Matt Granz