Stormchasing: Nebraska Roll Cloud

Up until now, none of the photos I’ve posted from my Nebraska stormchasing trip have been in HDR, but I thought I’d try a few and see what happened. I did three-exposures for every shot I took while out there, and it was impossible to take much more than that without an automatic method. The clouds moved so amazingly fast, doing 7-9 exposures wouldn’t work.

I am loving the way a few of them turned out, so I will be posting a couple here and there. This first one is of a giant roll cloud that came racing across the sky to the right edge of this frame. This cloud was moving so incredibly fast, I stood there with my jaw hanging open. The clouds were rushing up and building in front of the thing like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

  • Josie


  • Michelle

    GORGEOUS!! Love it – amazing job!

  • Mike

    Thanks guys!

  • LuAnn

    Beautiful shot! We live in the Nebraska sandhills, and I can picture capturing a storm rolling in. Awesome photo.

  • Michelle

    Oh and I just noticed you’re in Arizona! I’m going to be moving there at the end of the year – sadly our time in Hawaii is coming to a close but I’m excited about a completely new change in scenery 🙂

  • Mike

    Yeah, this was just a trip to Nebraska, I’m a native resident of Arizona 🙂

    That’s a big change from Hawaii to AZ, where exactly are you moving to?

  • Mike

    Thank you LuAnn! I loved Nebraska, amazingly nice people and just beautiful countrysides! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Michelle

    My husband is in the military and we’re getting stationed at a base in Sierra Vista – I hear it’s beautiful around there!

  • Mike

    Michelle, that is way in the SE portion of the state…is he going to help with any of the border stuff, or is this just a normal move for a person in the military?

    Hope you enjoy it down there, I think there is some interesting stuff down there, but I’ve never explored that area before!

  • Lawrence Slutz

    We are every happy not 75 people know died in a storm that lost 75% of the town here in Rockford IL let’s make it to the CHURCH and always carry a bible and our cross