Glorious morning over the San Tans

I woke up yesterday, saw the clouds, put on sandals, grabbed camera bag, told wife Starbucks was coming, left house, drove south, set up and enjoyed a nice rising sun streaming rays behind the fluffy clouds.

This is Arizona. We haven’t seen clouds like this in what feels like a month. It’s nothing but sunshine now…even the green desert is starting to turn brown already.

The land just south of my house is mostly fields and some farming areas, so there isn’t much in the way of excitement for the foreground of most photos (although yesterday’s shot with the dead log was luck!), but I still like long dirt roads and fields of gold…plus there wasn’t much time before the sun rose higher and the clouds disappeared.

A glorious morning indeed.

  • http://NA Andrea

    Wow Mike! I am amazed. You have such beautiful photos! I have followed you for a bit on Weather Underground and your photos always amaze me. I saw on Weather Underground you had a website and I thought I would check it out and again I am not disappointed. Great job!

    My in-laws live down in Arizona and I live in Oregon, so it is nice to drool over the sunshine that I don’t see very often here. I love Arizona and wish to live there someday.

    Your photography is very inspiring. I am just starting out taking photographs and your stuff is very inspiring! Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration!

  • Mike

    Thanks Andrea! Really appreciate that 🙂

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