Weekend storms in Arizona

We had some nice storms roll through town this past weekend and I was lucky enough to get out and shoot a bit on Sunday. Here’s a couple of my favorites from that day.

This one above is a two-shot panoramic stitched together. I enhanced the contrast and colors a bit to make it more vivid and exciting.

Shots of the falling rain.

Murky and ominous clouds approach.

A black and white…rain falling on one end, low hanging clouds on the other…

Just a creepy shot at the airport. A monstrous, low hanging storm.

Love this shot…it’s gotten me an AC on Wunderground, a spotlight on JPG Magazine and has been pretty well-received. My daughter and I watch the incoming storm move towards us. It’s developing from left to right, but moving towards the camera.

  • http://www.grtaylor2.com Greg Taylor

    Very nice images. One of the few examples of HDR that I don’t feel like it’s overdone.

  • Mike

    Thanks Greg…only one of these is HDR, the second to last one at the airport, the rest are just normal pictures, although the last one is actually more of an exposure blend to keep the foreground lit with the clouds contrasted more.

    Appreciate you stopping by!

  • http://www.day12.org brian kruckenberg

    …love a bunch of these but especially the last one…very cool….dude, i need to take you back to KS in may or june…you’d be in heaven.