An old, abandoned building

This old building/small factory sits just off the north side of highway 210 east of Salt Lake City. I found it whilst exploring a few weeks ago. I posted a series of photos from that trip already, but there are still a few I haven’t gone through yet.

This is actually two HDR photos stitched together in Photoshop. I loved the rocks and snow, the cliffs behind it. My only sadness was not being able to get inside. Probably some great shots in there.

  • jina

    awesome shot!

  • Kathy Mattson

    Mike, this is a great shot—fascinating subject, both the moutain and the building—did you take any non-HDR shots of it? I’d sure love to see them! Thanks! Kathy

  • Mike

    Yeah Kathy, I mean, HDR means you usually have a bunch of bracketed shots for every HDR photo you make, so I do have three different angles on it. I’ve actually edited a few as a black and white, sepia-ish tone, etc. I’ll post them for you later today if you’d like?

  • Kathy Mattson

    Great! Love to see them! 😀