Winter Storm Photos: Part 2

On Sunday the wife was sick so I gathered up Lyla and we went storm chasing on several occasions.  Here are a few shots from our fun filled day!

Great big downpour over the San Tans.

Look at the green desert! All that rain is making our desert floors bloom!

You’ll be seeing more clouds like this in the coming days, I’m liking the look and feel of this kind of processing.

Another shot of the rain over the San Tan Mountains.

Dark clouds.

A low hanging, spooky cloud.

Sunset, without the colors! Why? Because the colors didn’t turn out so well, but I still loved the look.

My stormchasing sweetheart!

  • Bryan Dudak

    Nice! I used to live in San Tan Village right next to the Santan Mountains here. There are some great shots to be found around this area.

  • admin

    Thanks Bryan! I live around Riggs and Gilbert, so I’m close to all of this stuff.

    Thinking of hiking out at the San Tans this weekend…never been hiking there and lived right here for about 9 years now 🙂