Storms over the Superstition Mountains

I think I talked about this road I discovered solely by accident about a month ago. Brown Road going east from the 202 turns into Lost Dutchman. At Idaho Road it’s at the peak of a low hill and suddenly you get this amazing view of the Superstition Mountains.

The first time I saw it was when I was shooting around those mountains and just headed west on that road. When it reached the hill, I stopped because there were storms to the west and I could see them clearly there.

However, as I got out of the car…I turned east and this picture below is what I saw. I’d never have noticed it if I hadn’t stopped. It was breathtaking to see the low clouds cascade over the top of the cliffs.

(purchase photo on my gallery – Color or Black and White)

So on Monday afternoon I headed back out there because I could see some amazing cloud structures out that way, but I had no idea what I’d actually end up seeing once I got closer.

A storm was approaching from the west and I saw the Superstitions lit up with sunlight which wouldn’t last much longer with the dark clouds approaching. It was a race to get there and snap a few photos. 10 minutes after I was done, the sunlight disappeared.

So here are two photos below, one in color and one in black and white. I like to call this photo “Close Encounters” because it certainly reminds of me of that mountain in the movie. The clouds really add to the awe of what you are seeing.

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These two photos can be cropped to fit any frame. I love the wider, panoramic style, but a cropped version still has a nice look to it.

  • Bryan Dudak

    Hi and thanks for the comments! Man I love the compo on these, the top one is my favorite though with the B/W clouds and the road in color. Very nice image! Great images on this site all around!

    Take care – Bryan

  • Chad Delany

    Great photos. I also like the top one the most with the vibrant road and the black ominous clouds and mountain.

  • admin

    Thanks Chad! Interesting how that first one gets more attention 🙂

    I do like both, I have a color version as well with the top one.

  • martinsoler photography

    Wow that’s an amazing capture. Those clouds are really impressive. We’ve been having a storm recently and I wanted to capture some shots like this but couldn’t find a good subject. You did a terrific job!

  • Mike

    Thank you Martin! You have some good stuff over there!

    I just love finding awesome clouds to shoot, be it HDR or not…a passion of mine.

  • Kathy Mattson

    Terrific photos, Mike! I love the Superstitions–shot up a couple hundred photos there, especially from right
    at the entrance to the Lost Dutchman park! Your cloud shots are awesome, especially from the distance like
    this, with that ominous looking cloud layer over it! Yeah, there is a resemblance to Close Encounters Devil’s
    Tower. But maybe even more to the clouds of Independance Day, when the ships first came in. 😀
    Keep up the great work!

  • Mark Torrey

    Absolutely stunning and beautiful shots Mike!! Your “HDR Spotting Close Encounters” mention got me back here and have to say again, WOW!! The movie references are both accurate, but yours is superior.

  • Jeff Welker

    I simply cannot express how much I like this particular image. I’ve spent all my life in Mesa and hiked/hunted/photographed the Superstitions for more years than I care to admit. The road leading to the mountain truly conveys a sense of being drawn to the Superstitions over the years. It is a visual of how I’ve felt about these mountains for my entire life.

    Thank you.