Fog and trees, part 2

Here is the second part of some of the photos I took on Monday morning on my way from Portland to Corvallis. I had some time to spare before I was to meet the people I was visiting, so I took these in a few random places.

The final two are re-edits from Part 1 because Tyler wanted to see them without the greenish hint to them.

There is a deer there to the left of the pine tree on the right…

Beautiful farm with foggy hills behind

A closer look at the farm.

A shot I’ve always, always wanted to shoot…and some of my favorites that other people do. A lone tree on a hillside. Simple, minimalistic…beautiful.

Another road…beginning to realize my attraction for shooting them.

For Tyler

For Tyler

  • Tyler


  • Josie

    I really like all of these. You have such a natural eye for perspective, it’s crazy you haven’t been trained. I especially like the first one for Tyler and the linear, gradual change of color as you go down the picture.

  • Mike

    Thanks Josie, that was some awfully nice stuff to say 🙂

    Glad you like these shots, I’ve been enjoying the weather and scenery up here, something totally different from Phoenix and it allows me to try a few different things.