Working at Paradise Bakery

My car is being fixed, it had a bad engine coil and some warped drums on the front brakes, so I’ve been sitting and working at Paradise Bakery on Germann and Gilbert. I do love this place…the people have been friendly, even offering to get me a refill of my diet Coke.

Had a fantastic omelette for breakfast and if I’m here any longer, looks like a decent salad for lunch. It’s actually been quite fun and an easy place to focus on work. I’ve gotten a ton of stuff done this morning.

If you’re curious, the cup in the picture below is sitting on a stack of P&ID drawings for a project I’m working on in Henderson, Nevada.

Oh, and a bonus sunrise photo from today:

The above is a regular ol’ sunrise photo, the ones below are HDR/

  • Diane Peterson

    Mike..maybe you should have brought along a sleepping bag..:<)..that way your good to go no matter how long your car repairs take!

  • Mike

    Good idea for next time 🙂

    Luckily it got done just around noon, so I’m back home!

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