Associate Photographer: Courtney Larson

Courtney has always been telling stories, ever since she can remember. Whether it be crayola doodles, painting on a canvas, running her own jewelry business, or living abroad, she has been sharing the narratives of her life and of those around her. As a devoted artist and on the adventure of life that is motherhood, photography has become her medium of choice…and the rest is history.

Courtney lives in Phoenix, AZ with her beautiful ginger husband and their three children (nope, no gingers yet) She is a documentary photographer and her work has been described as honest, immersive, with a side of daring. She was named one of the top 100 photographers to follow in 2016, has had her work published 7 times in major magazines, and teaches a course on storytelling over at Click Photo School. Yet, her greatest accomplishment is still to come… documenting the next love story

Here’s a smattering of Courtney’s amazing work!

Check out one of her full weddings over on the blog!